We’ve come to the end of our 3 month strength cycle. We jumped back in straight after Christmas and you all rose to the challenge with some impressive results.

One member saw an 18% increase in their back squat, another saw a 10% increase in their snatch, amazingly one member increased their deadlift by 31% and last, but not least, one of our athletes saw their 2km row get 19% quicker than when tested previously!

All of these awesome results are logged on Beyond the Whiteboard, we want to remind you all to log your results every time you complete a WOD and even log any work you do outside of classes. This allows you to take control of your fitness and see it go from strength to strength – literally!

Logging all of your results helps us program for our entire membership by identifying any weaknesses or any areas which need our attention the most.

Here is some information to help you get the most out of the app.

Below you can see the home screen that you will see when you open up your BTWB mobile app. A list of ‘ToDos’, or workouts, for that day come up which are programmed by us. You can also log your own personal workout by selecting ‘Log’, view your weekly and monthly activity levels across the different ‘tracks’ (or workout programmes, such as Beowulf workouts as one, and Olympic Weightlifting as another), and also by clicking the “more” tab you can explore different movements and workouts.
You may notice a calendar at the top right of the screen; this allows you to explore workouts from the past, and those in the future, our workouts are released a week in advance, check out the calendar to see what’s coming up! The globe is your notifications list and the three dots allow you access to the help menu.

To enter a time or score for the workout, select ‘Log’ which can be found in the upper right corner. As you can see the workout is clearly laid out with the weights, number of reps etc all laid out for you. Everything in orange can be selected to adjust and modify if required. If the workout was timed, enter the time next to ‘Total Time’ and then select whether you performed the workout ‘As Prescribed (Rx’d)’ or ‘Modified’. It is important that this is done accurately as a modified workout ticked as having been performed Rx will list your score with the Rx scores and prevent you from having a clear, honest view of where your fitness level is at.

Some workouts will require you to enter other information such as weight used, reps (repetitions of a particular movement) scored etc. These scores are entered the same as you would if you were putting a time score in. Click save, then save again, and you are done, your score has been saved onto the BTWB server.

Ask your coaches for help if in doubt. Make sure you’re utilising this brilliant tracking tool.


January 13, 2017