Why you should be entering the Open.

First things first, what is the Open? The Open is the first stage of workouts you must pass before (if you’re elite) progressing to regionals and then (if you’re really, really elite) the CrossFit Games.
The Open is 5 weeks and 5 workouts long. Workouts get released on Thursday afternoon in America meaning over here, we wake up on Friday morning to the Open workout announcement.

If this is your first Open, you may be thinking, “I’m not going to the Games, why should I enter?” See below for the 6 reasons why you should click HERE and sign up!

  1. You are fit enough. You may be doubting your ability, but the CrossFit Open is all about giving your 100% even if you’re not Rx-ing the workouts. CrossFit brought in the scaled division in 2015 so that the Open was achievable for everyone. You may have never Rx’d a workout before, but the Open is the time of year when you leave it all out on the floor and you never know, an Open workout may be the first workout you’re able to Rx.
  1. You’ll surprise yourself. You may not have competed in anything since you were a child. Here’s the opportunity to feel the thrill of physical competition again. You may be terrified at this prospect but thinking back, when we competed as kids, we weren’t fearful of the outcome, we just gave it our all. As adults, we think we’re not allowed to fail at anything so instead, we may avoid a situation we think we could fail. Without going for that risk, you may not get to experience the highs of friendly competition.
  1. You get to see where you match up to the best of the best. This is one of the rare opportunities we get to complete the exact same workouts that Games athletes complete too. This will give you some real appreciation of how incredibly fit these athletes are. And some inspiration too. They all started out in boxes just like you are!
  1. Our amazing community. All around the world hundreds of thousands of CrossFit athletes are competing in the Open too. Cheering each other on. Not only does this event allow you to be sweating with the whole CrossFit community, it really connects us as a box. Your fellow members will be out on the floor with you or cheering you on during every Open workout click to find out more. The atmosphere is electric, you must see it to believe it.
  1. You may just achieve that elusive movement. It could be double unders, HSPU or pistols that really frustrate you and you just haven’t managed to nail them yet. Well there is a reason that there are so many stories of athletes getting their first muscle up during the Open, that drive and commitment to succeed may give you the extra push you needed to hit your “goat” uwkj0xa.
  1. And finally… IT’S FUN. What more is needed here? Sign up and enjoy the Open with your Wulfpack!

Dates for your diary:

  • 17.1: Feb. 24 – 27
  • 17.2: March 3 – 6
  • 17.3: March 9 – 13
  • 17.4: March 17 – 20
  • 17.5: March 24 – 27

February 23, 2017