A parting gift…

Dear CrossFitters,

Some of you may know, I am on leave from tomorrow, I am off to New Zealand 🇳🇿 and return on Tuesday 21st November.

As my parting gift to you, I give a:


Coming up for the next 3 weeks you will be testing 1RMs, Girl WODs and your fitness as a whole.

This is now available to see on BTWB.
Understanding that not all of you can get in every day of the week, check out when movements are being tested and try and hit them all, this gives you the best shot at our continuing strength phase.

After summer we shifted more towards a strength base and now that you guys have some volume under your belts, it’s time to test. The strength phase will continue with percentage work, this is why it is beneficial to find a 1RM to work from.
Any questions, please ask below or a coach at your next session.

Enjoy, work hard, I can’t wait to see the results on BTWB! 💪🏼

Coach Helen

October 26, 2017