Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t been active for years, is CrossFit for me?

Yes, absolutely! CrossFit is completely scalable so every workout can be made more or less challenging, depending on your fitness level. This allows complete beginners to train with CrossFit veterans and still get an awesome workout.

To see progression, often the WOD (workout of the day) is timed. The only person you’re working against is yourself. This time will become your benchmark and should reduce each time you perform that same WOD.

I’ve never tried CrossFit before so can I join any of the coached sessions?

CrossFit is made up of many different movements that need to be practiced and performed under the watchful eye of a CrossFit coach to ensure you’ve got the correct technique.

All members new to CrossFit need to attend the CrossFit On Ramp course that is four weeks in length. This allows you to learn with others new to CrossFit and get into the habit of attending classes. The progress beginners make in their first four weeks is amazing!

When is the next On Ramp course and how do I sign up?

Due to the varied styles of training, we run the On-Ramp courses to ensure proper coaching of techniques so everyone is prepared to join the regular classes.

The On Ramp is also set up at a slightly reduced level as a lot of time is spent going over technique although you will always get a good workout.

There are 8 sessions, 2 a week that are on a Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:30pm for 1 hour.

All 8 sessions must be attended before joining the regular classes, if you are not able to make a session we can arrange a catch up with a dedicated coach at a fee of £20.

If you wish to sign up to the course click the link: JOIN HERE and choose ‘CrossFit DD £60.00’ There is a £20 joining fee and this £80.00 covers the 4-week course and you will also be able to visit the gym outside the 2 evening sessions if you wish.

When you sign up, ensure to click your start date is the date of the On Ramp you would like to attend so that you will be billed from then.

If you would like further details or to talk to a coach, email

The next course Dates are:
5th September
10th October 

How many coached sessions can I attend each week?

We’ve created three different membership streams depending on how many sessions you’d like to attend each week:

• Standard CrossFit membership entitles you to attend two coached sessions per week as well as full use of the gym and all standard classes.
• CrossFit Plus entitles you to attend three coached sessions per week as well as full use of the gym and all standard classes.
• CrossFit Unlimited allows you to attend as many coached sessions per week as you like as well as full use of the gym and all standard classes.

How much does each membership cost?

Standard CrossFit membership is £60 per month.
CrossFit Plus is £70 per month.
CrossFit Unlimited is £80 per month.

CrossFit On Ramp course prices vary depending on which route you are taking. Email to find out more about On Ramp.

When do coached sessions run?

CrossFit coached sessions run at different times throughout the day, 7 days a week. More information can be found on our class timetable, there are classes on in the morning, at lunchtime, during the evening and on the weekend too.

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